Product Development to the Fullest Extent


we are your R&D department


true end-to-end

No limits

is our spirit


to fit your needs

NoLimits is a joint venture between two Finnish product development companies, Defour Oy and RCP Software Oy. Defour is specialized in mechanics, mechanisms and industrial design and RCP Software is a specialist in software and electronics. Together they employ around 40 people with an extensive experience in R&D and global product development projects.

Our Promise:

Product Development to the Fullest Extent

When you have a validated project idea,

we can be your reliable partner securing the development project all the way to the manufacturing phase. We do it all for you; concepting, designing, prototyping, testing, product developing, verifying, manufacturing, industrializing, you name it. We master multiple technologies, materials, testing and manufacturing methods. We do all development in-house, as we possess the know-how, the tools and the labs for turn-key solutions. Comprehensive indeed.

When you need validation of your idea,

we will do a large-scale feasibility study making sure that your product will get the right specifications to meet market demands and your production capability. We will make it reliable and viable by designing producible products. We have a proven track of delivering real outcome for global markets. Customisation is the word.

When you like one stop shopping,

we will supply all your mechanical, embedded software, and industrial design needs. You will save time, energy and money by not having to shop around for several solution providers. We are big enough to handle sizeable projects, and small enough to be flexible. And we provide you with an engineering team, not a singular resource. Co-development at its best.

When you do not want to take no for an answer,

our no limit spirit will take us together through the most complex challenges. Our starting point is that everything is doable, it is just a matter of finding the right way of doing it. Our innovative spirit will for sure add value to your product development process. And it goes without saying that it is easier to commit to budgets and timetables when we handle the entire process with all its ingredients. Reducing the meaning of complex.

When you are thrilled by any of the above,

we should talk. Just let us know your product development challenge, no matter if it is a medical device, an electronic apparatus, a testing instrument, or an industrial solution, and we will show you what true end-to-end means.