Challenging integrated solutions

Health technology industry and medical devices

  • Diagnostic equipment and devices
  • Imaging devices
  • Anesthesia systems
  • Medication dispensers

Other industry applications and products

  • Production equipment
  • System control units
  • Marine antennas
  • Safety products

Wireless solutions

  • Sensor applications
  • Connected devices (short and long range)

The mission

Two companies, Defour and RCP Software, realized they shared the same vision, to offer true end-to-end solutions from one single source. They also knew that product development disciplines most often were sourced from different places. So, they hooked up. They were no new kids on the block, together they possessed more than 600 man-years in product development.

They had offered challenging development solutions to prominent companies working globally. They, if anyone, knew the drill. Consequently, they decided not just to raise the bar or to push the limits, but rather to exceed the limits.

They set a clear mission, to offer product development to the fullest extent. NoLimits e2e was established and outsourcing of product development got a new standard.

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